Our Haulage Business

The company divested into haulage business to complement our door-to-door prompt and seamless service delivery. This product ensures that once our clients’ goods are cleared at the ports, delivery commences immediately hence the turnaround time for delivery is greatly reduced and the additional cost of storage at the Port is eliminated.
Laudable Haulage Limited was incorporated and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission on the 21st of April, 2006 with a mandate to carry out all types of haulage businesses.

What We Do

We haul shipments in containers, particularly from the port of destination to our client’s premises, anywhere within Nigeria.

We pride ourselves with the ability to deliver on-time and safely. We also move goods from anywhere within the country to the Port Terminal.

Based on our experience and track record, we also provide consultancy services to some of our clients to ensure higher level of productivity.

Our familiarity with the Nigerian terrain enables us to assist our clients in the haulage planning.